Grandaddy Purple Distillate | 0.5g

Grandaddy Purple Distillate | 0.5g

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Crafted by Kolab Project
Indica Dom.
THC: 83.00 - 88.00% | CBD: 0.00%
Bouquet: Myrcene

Grandaddy Purple
[ɡrand'ˈdadē'pərpəl] n.
Kolab Project Granddaddy Purple Indica 0.5 g vape cartridges are made with premium cannabis distillate. The flavour profile is influenced by the famous Granddady Purple strain and Myrcene is the dominant terpene.

[dis-till-āte] n.
a golden syrup composed of cannabis extract that has been winterized, decarboxylated, and then distilled.

Pre-loaded cartridge
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