Organic San Fernando Valley OG Kush | 3 Pack

Organic San Fernando Valley OG Kush | 3 Pack

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Cultivated by Simply Bare
Indica Dom. 
THC: 19.00 - 25.00% | CBD: 0.00 - 1.99%
Bouquet: Mycrene, Humulene, Linalool, Beta-Pinene

San Fernando Valley OG Kush
[sæn fərˈnæn do valē 'O 'G 'Kuh-sh] n.
A classic California kush that is said to have originated as
 a phenotype of OG Kush that was acquired by Swerve, founder of The Cali Connection. 

This is a FVOPA Organic Certified version of the classic California kush. Leading with an earthy pine aroma and that gassy smell you’d expect. Grown in living soil, hang-dried for 14 days and cold cured. This is single strain, whole bud, milled to perfection and rolled with 100% organic hemp papers, finished by hand.

3 pack of prepared joints
0.05g in each joint