Pink Kush | 3 Pack

Pink Kush | 3 Pack

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Cultivated by Pure Sunfarms 
Indica Dom.
THC: 18.00 - 23.00% | CBD 0.00 - 1.00%
Bouquet: White pepper, Orange, Butterscotch, Coffee, Earth, and Grapefruit

Pink Kush 
[pingk'ko͝osh] n.
An award winning Indica strain known for it's dense, trichome coated buds.  

Pure Sunfarms’ cut of Pink Kush from BC’s Vancouver Island is a coastal relative of the legendary OG Kush. This special strain is beloved across Canada for its strong aromas, colourful flowers, and high THC potential. Beneath a thick coating of trichomes, the dense and round buds feature forest green leaves, often with a purple hue, mixed with dark amber pistils. Each bud is carefully trimmed and hand-groomed, dried and cured to precise standards. Pink Kush showcases gassy aromas of white pepper, orange, butterscotch, coffee, earth, and grapefruit, the result of a rich combination of terpenes that includes caryophyllene, myrcene, humulene, bisabolol, and limonene.


3 Pack of 0.5g Pre-rolled Joints